About Arthur Godsell

The president and co-owner of Godsell Construction Corporation, Arthur Godsell, spends his days running the construction business and managing sales operations. In addition to his professional responsibilities, Arthur Godsell makes time to give back to the community through a variety of volunteer efforts.

Arthur Godsell has served as a host with the Fresh Air Fund for more than eight years. The Fresh Air Fund is a non-profit organization that works to introduce inner-city youth to activities and mentoring relationships in suburbian and small town communities. Mr. Godsell and his family have maintained an ongoing relationship with one student in particular over the years. He became the student’s mentor when he was in elementary school, and has encouraged him and other children to engage in community service by participating in a volunteer sports camp at Shelter Rock Church.

In his leisure time, Mr. Godsell enjoys traveling and skiing. He has skied in the Rockies as well as the Alps. His trips to the Burgundy and Bordeaux regions of France have helped him develop an appreciation for fine wine, a pastime that he continues to enjoy through local wine tasting activities.


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