Basic Golfing Etiquette

An avid golfer, Arthur Godsell, president and co-owner of Godsell Construction Corporation, enjoys playing the sport as often as he can. Arthur Godsell belongs to the Huntington Country Club and takes annual golfing trips to Scotland and Ireland with a group of friends.

When playing on a golf course, players are typically expected to follow certain etiquette rules. One of the most important of these is to play at an appropriate pace. While being a slow player is not, on its own, bad, it is considered polite to keep pace with the group in front of you (and therefore, not slow down the groups behind you). This may mean encouraging the rest of your group to move quickly or just being prepared to play as soon as it’s your turn. Try taking only around 45 seconds to hit the ball from the time you choose your club, and only search for a lost golf ball for five minutes or less.

In addition, losing your temper during the game by either sulking, cursing, or even throwing clubs, often makes a game uncomfortable for those around you. Feeling frustrated when you miss a shot is normal, but rather than outwardly venting it in a potentially offensive way, focus on finding ways to vent inoffensively or even inwardly. Lastly, this respect towards other players’ comfort extends to respecting their time, as well. If you agree to a game of golf, make sure you arrive for your tee time punctually and, if you are going to cancel your plans, do so at least a few days in advance instead of at the last minute.


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