Villanova’s LEVEL Group and Its Spring Casino Night Fundraiser

An active member of the professional community, Arthur Godsell has held several board and committee positions at various organizations and is a member of several groups. Arthur Godsell is currently a member of the parents’ executive board at Villanova University, where he is involved with the college’s fundraising and working with the University’s LEVEL initiative to provide a handicap accessible van to students who are differently-abled.

Villanova University’s student group LEVEL was formed with the intention of expanding the idea of community on and off campus by bringing together students with different abilities and disabilities. Through LEVEL, students learn about communicating with individuals who have disabilities and change their views of able-ism. The program has also eliminated the need for adult assistance by encouraging students to help their peers who may have difficulty typing their homework or notes.

LEVEL recently held Leveling Las Vegas, an annual spring fundraising event that brings students who are differently-abled together with their friends and peers for a night of fun. Held in Villanova’s Pavilion, the event included activities such as blackjack, roulette, and various carnival and Wii games. Rather than exchanging won chips for money, students traded them for raffle tickets for a wide range of prizes that were given out. The funds raised through Casino Night went towards new LEVEL innovations and projects, helping the program expand.


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