The World’s Most Challenging Ski Slopes

When he is not working as the co-owner and president of Godsell Construction Company, Arthur Godsell enjoys traveling and skiing. In recent years, Arthur Godsell has visited ski destinations in Canada, the Alps, and the Colorado Rockies.

The difficulty of individual ski slopes are generally graded against other slopes in the area, meaning that a black diamond on one mountain may be marked as a blue square on another. However, there are several slopes that have been recognized as the most difficult and potentially dangerous ski trails in the world. Corbet’s Couloir in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is one of the most well-known runs in the country. The trail begins with an abrupt 30-foot drop that is quickly followed by a number of sharp turns before skiers are rewarded with a mostly open black diamond slope. Corbet’s Couloir is often compared to La Chavanette in Switzerland and France, which begins with nearly 100 meters of moguls at a 55 percent gradient. This iconic trail technically begins in France, with the end of the run finishing in Switzerland.

Based in Courchevel, France, Grand Couloir, Sous Pylons, and Emile Allais are a trio recognized as three of the world’s most fearsome runs. While a cable car takes riders a good deal of the way, skiers intent on attempting these slopes must subsequently brave a narrow, icy 200-meter ridge simply to reach the start of Grand Couloir. Grand Couloir is the easiest of the three, though only the most advanced riders should take on its array of brutal moguls and tricky snow conditions.


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